Bitcoin Today – A Must Have in Your Portfolio

Let’s do some quick math. After all, numbers speak for themselves.

The returns from S&P 500 in the past 3 years was a tidy 25.63%.

Now, during the same time period, did you know that the cryptocurrency kingpin Bitcoin gave a whopping 1928.14% return?

That’s right! An amazing profit-making opportunity is rapidly unfolding in front of you right now, thanks to Bitcoin.

The best part?

These staggering returns are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s look at Bitcoin today…

Now, when I first heard about Bitcoin, I was also a skeptic like many of you. I thought it was something that tech-savvy people deal with.

But when one of my clients asked me whether I accept Bitcoin as payment, it immediately piqued my curiosity. So, I set out to research a little about this mysterious Bitcoin.

And let me tell you, my world has never been the same!

The limitless capability of Bitcoin had me floored and I instantly realized its IMMENSE wealth-generating potential.

So, I tell you with 100% confidence…

Bitcoin today is a must-have addition to your wealth creation portfolio, and not just because of its mammoth returns. There’s actually a lot more to it!

#1 Best Way to Diversify

As any investor worth his salt knows, a diversified and robust portfolio is the key to successful investing. And nothing gets you a higher diversification than a completely distinct currency like Bitcoin!

#2 Sustainable Growth

Despite numerous ‘bubble’ speculations, Bitcoin has withstood the test of time and given a steady and sustainable growth over the past 10 years. Certainly bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general has its ups and downs but the substantial growth continues to happen over time.

#3 Increasing Mainstream Acceptance

Japan recently gave legal tender status for Bitcoin and many other countries are slowly starting to follow suit. A large number of physical stores; e-commerce websites like Microsoft, Dell, Overstock, and; payment platforms like Shopify and Digital River; restaurants, bars, and even real-estate purchases are now accepting Bitcoin as payment. Many big-wigs including Bill Gates and Richard Branson have also indicated their favorable opinion about Bitcoin!

#4 Lots of Steam Left

Here’s what no one really tells you – the current surge in Bitcoin prices is not a one-off thing.

Out of the total 21 million Bitcoin available forever, more than 1/4th  of the coins are yet to be mined. There are also great upcoming innovations like the Lightning network and scalability changes and the CME launch of bitcoin futures that are expected to catapult the prices even higher!

This makes it a perfect time to invest in Bitcoin, as there is still a long way for it to grow!

Now, here’s a little secret.

Not to brag, but even though I’ve only been in the Bitcoin game for a little while, I have already made unbelievable returns from it!

And I owe most of that to an amazing system!

Now, this system is quite special too.

  • It has NO upfront charges or exorbitant monthly fees!
  • It gives you Weekly return on your capital, whether bitcoin is up or down.
  • And it is 100% passive!

Even better?

You also have the option to earn real $MONEY$ through commissions when your referrals, and in turn, their referrals start the free system and as they continue to use it each week, month and year.

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